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We believe recruitment is about building the right link between the right people. Our team work hard to develop strong, long-lasting relationships with clients and candidates, to help them reach their full potential and exceed their goals, now and into the future.

Our Story

Our Story

We believe that innovation starts with teamwork. That great teams can achieve more than any individual within. And that it all starts by bringing the right people together, in the right place, at the right time.

TRESP Recruitment specialises in innovation and technology, across the Medical Devices & Healthcare sectors. Our team has developed an intimate understanding of Medtech and partners with organisations across Australia and the Asia Pacific region, to build leading teams that make a positive difference to their bottom line and the communities they impact.

We’re proud of the trusted partnerships we’ve built with clients and candidates over the years and offer an unparalleled level of service at every stage of the recruitment process. Our team is passionate about what we do and has a genuine desire to support and guide you towards your goals. If you’re looking to partner with a team that works with passion, hunger, integrity and care, focuses on quality over quantity and has the knowledge and experience to achieve a successful outcome in every way, contact TRESP Recruitment today.

We believe in our clients

We’re part of your team and committed to supporting your business by delivering genuine value and exceptional service, every day. Our team works hard to find and nurture the right talent, using our vast networks, extensive experience and in-depth knowledge of your industry. We believe the right team can change the future of your business. And we won’t stop until we find them.

How We Support Your Business

We believe in our candidates

We’re here to listen and understand what you’re looking for in your career, then support you every step of the way. It’s not just about choosing your next role, it’s about enjoying a meaningful and fulfilling career for many years to come. Our team has a genuine desire to see you succeed and we’ll do everything we can to help you achieve your career goals.

How we advance your career

We believe in our team

Our team supports each other and knows that when one of us succeeds, we’re all inspired to do better. When you join our team, you’ll develop your skills, knowledge and industry experience to make a difference in the lives of other people. And you’ll be proud to tell everyone you work at TRESP. It’s the way recruitment should be.

Your career at Tresp

Meet Our Team

Mehdi Barzegari

Managing Director | Medical Devices & Healthcare Division Leader

Mehdi is the founder of TRESP Recruitment and has over 15 years’ experience in the healthcare industry, including sales and marketing of medical devices. He’s excited to work in recruitment at a time when it has become highly strategic and gains satisfaction from helping someone land a truly career-changing position. Mehdi enjoys competing in sport and hanging out with his two little ones, family and friends.

Debora Houston

Division Leader | Medtech

Deb brings experience and a high level of expertise across specialised recruitment and the Medtech industry. She understands the complex landscape and loves working on matching the right talent with the most suitable company and position. Deb enjoys spending quality time with friends and is a red wine connoisseur!

Sonny Li

Recruitment Coordinator | Medical Devices & Healthcare

Sonny has passion, drive and a love for all things HR. Once gaining experience in the technicalities of the recruitment process, he decided to focus his time on learning the complex landscape of Talent acquisition and management. Sonny enjoys spending his time learning and mastering cooking techniques

Marielle Bernardo

Candidate Manager | Medical Devices & Healthcare

Marielle has come from a strong Talent Acquisition background in overseas markets and now brings that experience to our business! Marielle loves helping others succeed and spends her spare time with family and friends and enjoys cooking and staying active.