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We love what we do and believe it makes a positive difference to the lives of our clients and candidates. If you share our values and want to help others succeed in their business or career, join the TRESP Recruitment team and be part of something you can be proud of.

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Our Values

We’re on the lookout for people who believe that recruitment has the power to transform a business and advance a career. Our team is driven by a set of values that allow us to have fun, dream big and achieve more.

  • Knowledge

    We believe knowledge is critical to success and always look for opportunities to listen and learn. Knowledge helps us stay informed in our areas of expertise and add value to our clients and candidates. As experts in innovation and technology recruitment, knowledge is the key to our credibility and the reason we’re trusted by clients and candidates throughout Australia and the Asia Pacific region. It allows us to form strong partnerships with clients and gain an in-depth understanding of their business and competition. And it helps us find the right person for their team and guide them through every stage of the recruitment process.

  • Accountability

    Our clients and candidates trust us to deliver results and it’s not a responsibility we take lightly. We focus on quality over quantity at every stage of the recruitment process and only introduce a client and candidate if we think it’s the right match. We’re completely transparent about our business and work with honesty and respect. Everyone at TRESP Recruitment maintains a high level of accountability in their role and in turn, we take responsibility for their well-being, development and success.

  • Passion

    We’re proud to be recruiters and passionate about achieving the best possible outcome for our clients and candidates. It’s this passion that drives everything we do, in every area of our business. Our team works with brands we believe in and candidates we know will succeed. No matter what challenges we face, we’re committed to making a real difference. Our team loves turning up to work each day and wants everyone to enjoy the same level of enthusiasm for their career, as we do for ours.

  • Support

    We support the success of others, our team and the community. When you join TRESP Recruitment, you’ll be working in an understanding, nurturing and caring environment where everyone is motivated to be their best. Our team focuses on people over placements and giving back to our community over referral fees. Every client, candidate and team member is supported wholeheartedly, with individual attention that’s tailored to their needs. It’s this support that allows us to work as a team and achieve our goals.


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